APAIS Thesaurus

R0013 Accidents

R0014 Accommodation

R0027 Africa

R0053 Animals

R0055 Antarctica

R0064 Archaeology

R0068 Area studies

R0070 Armed forces

R0072 Arrest

R0085 Asia

R0100 Audiovisual materials

R0103 Australia

R0107 Authors

R0128 Behaviour

R0148 Books

R0167 Buildings

R0173 Business

R0230 Civil rights

R0252 Commerce

R0253 Commodities

R0264 Compensation (Law)

R0271 Computer networks

R0273 Computers

R0280 Conservation (Natural resources)

R0286 Consumption (Economics)

R0289 Contracts

R0303 Court procedures

R0304 Courts

R0312 Criminals

R0318 Culture

R0349 Design

R0360 Disasters

R0364 Diseases

R0368 Documentation

R0387 Economic development

R0393 Education

R0431 Environmental impact

R0446 Europe

R0456 Exhibitions

R0457 Exploration

R0461 Family

R0471 Festivals

R0476 Finance

R0481 Fires

R0489 Food

R0493 Forecasting

R0553 Groups

R0561 Health

R0576 Historiography

R0596 Humanities

R0617 Income

R0632 Industrial relations

R0636 Industry

R0642 Injuries

R0662 International relations

R0693 Justice

R0707 Labour

R0715 Landforms

R0725 Law

R0741 Leadership

R0749 Legal rights

R0751 Leisure

R0785 Machinery

R0794 Management

R0796 Mankind

R0804 Marketing

R0872 National estate

R0874 Natural resources

R0939 Partnerships

R0990 Politics

R1015 Primary documents

R1027 Property

R1033 Psychology

R1045 Punishment

R1066 Recreational facilities

R1076 Religion

R1084 Reports

R1088 Research

R1097 Risk

R1102 Role

R1109 Safety

R1127 Science

R1132 Securities

R1133 Security

R1142 Sex

R1175 Social classes

R1182 Social sciences

R1183 Social welfare

R1210 Sports

R1214 Standards

R1225 Students

R1244 Surveys

R1260 Taxation

R1266 Technology

R1275 Textiles

R1291 Towns

R1305 Treaties

R1331 Utility services

R1340 Vehicles

R1362 Wastes

R1395 Working conditions

R1419 Economic conditions

R1432 Migrants

R1514 Monetary transactions

R1592 Dispute resolution

R1697 Committees and inquiries

R1776 People with disabilities

R1789 Planning

R1790 Social conditions

R1792 Policy

R1793 Reform

R1879 Equity (Law)

R1950 North America

R1964 Demographic factors

R1966 Developed countries

R2001 Socioeconomic factors