TemaTres 1.4 released!

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TemaTres 1.4 is now available to download!! Here the changelog and new features: – Quality indicators about controlled vocabularies The Quality assurance was improved with reports about the following quality indicators: – Free Terms – Terms without hierarchical relationships – Average number of words per term – Terms per N Broader terms – Terms per… Read more »

GEMET Thesaurus

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GEMET Thesaurus Search form built environment business technical regulation law (corpus of rules) justice organisation of the legal system legal form of organisations environmental problem solving chemical process chemical property chemical institutional structure climate subject craft culture (society) demography disaster disease agriculture accident economy education effect chemical element energy environmental assessment environmental awareness environmental control… Read more »

Managing Controlled Vocabularies with “TemaTres” | LTER Databits

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By John Porter The Controlled Vocabulary Working Group has been working on developing a controlled vocabulary for science keywords to be used in LTER datasets. As part of the process, the working group evaluated software for managing controlled vocabularies and higher level structures (polytaxonomys, thesauri and ontologies). …. [go to the article]

Guidelines to develop a Thesaurus

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Developed by the National Archives of Australia, these guidelines provide advice on designing, constructing and maintaining a functions thesaurus to assist with classification and other records management processes in an organisation. Developing a Functions Thesaurus

TemaTres 1.3

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TemaTres 1.3 was released :-), this are the new features and capabilities: Database abstraction With the addition of  ADODB5 database abstraction library, TemaTres is more safer and can be used with a variety of database engines (Postgres, Oracle MS server, mysqli, etc). The database type is MySQL by default. Importing from SKOS-Core data sources Now… Read more »

How to create multilingual controlled vocabulary

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  Since version 1.2 of TemaTres there are two possible models to implement multilngual controlled vocabulary: Model based on a one central vocabulary and many target vocabularies Federated model Model with central vocabulary: This model contains in the same vocabulary the terms from source vocabulary and the equivalence to the terms in target vocabularies. All… Read more »

How to publishing a thesaurus on the web

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  With Thesaurus Web Publisher you can publish a thesaurus on the web using your own look and feel, your own web template. You can use data provided by Tematres web services to create one public view for your thesaurus o controlled vocabulary.   Thesaurus Web Publisher is a php tool to publish thesaurus and… Read more »

Tesauro Europeo de la Formación – TEF

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Le Thésaurus européen de la formation recense le vocabulaire contrôlé de référence dans le domaine de l’enseignement et de la formation professionnels (EFP) en Europe. Proyecto Observal España