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A controlled vocabulary arranged in a known order and structured so that the various relationships among terms are displayed clearly and identified by standardized relationship indicators. Relationship indicators should be employed reciprocally. Its purpose is to promote consistency in the indexing of content objects, especially for postcoordinated information storage and retrieval systems, and to facilitate browsing and searching by linking entry terms with terms. Thesauri may also facilitate the retrieval of content objects in free text searching. Note: The term Thesaurus is the Latin form of the Greek word thesauros, originally meaning treasure store In the 16th century, it began to be used as a synonym for dictionary (a treasure store of words), but later it fell into disuse. Peter Mark Roget resurrected the term in 1852 for the title of his dictionary of synonyms. The purpose of that work is to give the user a choice among similar terms when the one first thought of does not quite seem to fit. A hundred years later, in the early 1950s, the word thesaurus began to be employed again as the name for a word list, but one with the exactly opposite aim: to prescribe the use of only one term for a concept that may have synonyms. A similarity between Roget's Controlled Thesaurus and thesauri for indexing and information retrieval is that both list terms that are related hierarchically or associatively to terms, in addition to synonyms.
 Plural: thesauruses, thesauri

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