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When multiple broader relationships (polyhierarchical) was enable, one termOne or more words designating a concept. See also compound term, entry term, and precoordinated term. may be present in more than one location in the vocabulary hierarchyBroader (generic) to narrower (specific) or whole-part relationships, which are generally indicated in a controlled vocabulary through codes or indentation. See also broader term; narrower term., reflecting the term’s logical association to more than one broader conceptA unit of thought, formed by mentally combining some or all of the characteristics of a concrete or abstract, real or imaginary object. Concepts exist in the mind as abstract entities independent of terms used to express them..

  • To allow more than one broader termA term to which another term or multiple terms are subordinate in a hierarchy. In thesauri, the relationship indicator for this type of term is BT. for a thesaurusA controlled vocabulary arranged in a known order and structured so that the various relationships among terms are displayed clearly and identified by standardized relationship indicators. Relationship indicators should be employed reciprocally. Its purpose is to promote consistency in the ... term, must enable polyhierarchyA controlled vocabulary structure in which some terms belong to more than one hierarchy. For example, rose might be a narrower term under both flowers and perennials in a horticulture vocabulary. in the config vocabulary form.
  • Login as admin and go to Administrator menu -> click in the vocabulary title -> go to the Polyhierarchy configuration in the config form and set YES. Then, TemaTres is going to be enable multiple BTs for any term.
  • Multiple broader term relationships use only existing valid thesaurus terms.