TemaTres and LTER Controlled Vocabulary Tools & Resources

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The LTER Controlled Vocabulary Working Group has developed a number of applications and web services to support the use of the LTER Controlled Vocabulary. They was develop some useful tools to exploit their vocabularies: Alternative Viewers for the LTER Controlled Vocabulary Keywords extraction serviceĀ  with LTER Controlled Vocabulary and more…

GEMET Thesaurus

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GEMET Thesaurus built environmentbusinesstechnical regulationlaw (corpus of rules)justiceorganisation of the legal systemlegal form of organisationsenvironmental problem solvingchemical processchemical propertychemicalinstitutional structureclimatesubjectcraftculture (society)demographydisasterdiseaseagricultureaccidenteconomyeducationeffectchemical elementenergyenvironmental assessmentenvironmental awarenessenvironmental controlenvironmental dataenvironmental economy issueenvironmental impactenvironmental managementenvironmental planningenvironmental policyenvironmental protectionenvironmentequipmentevaluationexperimentfinancesfirmfisheryforestrygeological processhazardhealthhealth-environment relationshipanalysishydrosphereimpact sourceindustrial processindustryanimal husbandryinformationinternational relationslabourlandland setuplaw (individual)legislationlithospheremanagementmaterialtransportation meanmedicine (practice)methodologymilitary aspectsmilitary activitiesmonitoringnutritionoverburdenparameterpedosphereatmospherephysical processphysical propertyphysicochemical processplanningpolicypoliticspollutantpollutionproductradiationrecreationresearchresourcerisksafetyscienceservicessocietyspace (interplanetary)state of matterstatisticsbiochemical processtechnologytourismtrade (services)traffictransportationresource utilisationbiospherevibrationwasteadministrationborderPowered by… Read more »

Managing Controlled Vocabularies with “TemaTres” | LTER Databits

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By John Porter The Controlled Vocabulary Working Group has been working on developing a controlled vocabulary for science keywords to be used in LTER datasets. As part of the process, the working group evaluated software for managing controlled vocabularies and higher level structures (polytaxonomys, thesauri and ontologies). …. [go to the article]

How to publishing a thesaurus on the web

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  With Thesaurus Web Publisher you can publish a thesaurus on the web using your own look and feel, your own web template. You can use data provided by Tematres web services to create one public view for your thesaurus o controlled vocabulary.   Thesaurus Web Publisher is a php tool to publish thesaurus and… Read more »