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TemaTres 1.3 was released :-), this are the new features and capabilities:

  • Database abstraction

With the addition of  ADODB5 database abstraction library, TemaTres is more safer and can be used with a variety of database engines (Postgres, Oracle MS server, mysqli, etc). The database type is MySQL by default.

  • Importing from SKOS-Core data sources

Now you can import a complete or partial vocabularies encoded according to the SKOS-Core schema (using <skos:ConceptA unit of thought, formed by mentally combining some or all of the characteristics of a concrete or abstract, real or imaginary object. Concepts exist in the mind as abstract entities independent of terms used to express them.> to identify each concept)

  • Minor bugs was solved and was added some minor features.


Also has been publisher complet manual of TemaTres in spanish…there are any volunteer to translate it to  english?