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We are pleased to announce TemaTres 3.0, open source web tool to manage formal representations of knowledge (Ontologies, Taxonomies, Thesauri, glossaries,etc ).

Here the changelog TemaTres 3.0:

  • Add Bulk Editor for multiligual vocabularies
  •  Add admin reports (all terms, all relations, all notes)
  • Add 2 new commands to web API: termsSince (terms created/mod since date) and relationsSince (relations affected since date)
  • Add modal preview for termOne or more words designating a concept. See also compound term, entry term, and precoordinated term. provided by external vocabularies
  • Add modal view to list terms
  • Add config options in config.tematres.php to enable or disable HTMLA markup language used to describe the layout and presentation of a document on the World Wide Web. data in web services
  • Add config options in config.tematres.php to define tag separator in import txt file
  • Add name of editor in notes metadata
  • Full revision of French texts

Updates and minor bugs:

  • update glozariser
  • update to TinyMCE 4.6
  • update PHPmailer class
  • update HTMLpurfier to HTML Purifier 4.9.3
  • fix potential XSS vulnerability
  • fix bug in import Skos-core files

Many thanks to the feedback and contributions provided by TemaTres community 🙂

Any comments or doubt are welcomed 🙂