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Dear all, a few weeks ago Marc Bria Ramírez and Juan Muñoz Justicia (from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) published an article in the PKP forum about a new plugin for integrate TemaTres with Open Journal System. For the integration use TemaTres Web services and TemaTresView, an very modular and clear ajax interface for TemaTres created by Nicolas Populan.
Below we repeat the post and instuctions published by Marc at PKP forum:

Let me start with some memories:

As was published here some time ago, we were working on a OJS improvement.
We wanted to extend OJS to be able to work with controlled vocabularies.

As in every project we started making some research and we found a nice free software thesaurusA controlled vocabulary arranged in a known order and structured so that the various relationships among terms are displayed clearly and identified by standardized relationship indicators. Relationship indicators should be employed reciprocally. Its purpose is to promote consistency in the ... management tool called tematres that was doing it’s work really well (see it’s features).
Diego Ferreyra (the original author of this tool) was happy to hear that somebody wanted to integrate tematres with OJS so he drives us to Nicolas Poulain who developed tematresview that is a javascript/ajax interface to call tematres web services.

With all this stuff on the table, we only need to ensemble all the parts to develop a new OJS plugin that we called: Thesaurus.
As is described in it’s interface when “Thesaurus” is “…enabled and configured, users will be able to select keywords from tematres controlled thesaurus.”

UPDATE: This plugin is finished and released at:

How it looks like?

Thesaurus is a generic plugin, that will be shown in the System Plugin list as:

This plugin include some settings as the URL of your tematres installation or your preferred theme:

When you enable Thesaurus plugin (if you also ask OJS to request keywords in your articles) the original “coma-separtated-keywordA word occurring in the natural language of a document that is considered significant for indexing and retrieval. See also free text.-text-field”:

… will be replaced with an improved keyword selector:

If “Add/delete termOne or more words designating a concept. See also compound term, entry term, and precoordinated term.” is clicked, a popup (lightbox style) window emerges to let you select between your tematres’ terms:

You could navigate through the thesaurus hierarchically (Theme list):

… Alphabetically:

… or Search:

Each term include very detailed information as it’s taxonomyA collection of controlled vocabulary terms organized into a hierarchical structure. Each term in a taxonomy is in one or more parent/child (broader/narrower) relationships to other terms in the taxonomy., a few kind of notes, related terms or specific term, that will be shown if you clic on (i) icon.

If you like to add/remove a term, you only need to click on the green arrow icon and OJS form will be updated to save those new keywords:

That’s all about the plugin.

Thanks a loot to Alec and the rest of the OJS team for this amazing magazine management system and to the incredible support they are doing every day in this forum.

See you,