The ACM Computing Classification System (CCS)

  1. J. H. Wilkinson
  2. J. Presper Eckert
  3. J. Richard Buchi
  4. j. w. forrester USE Jay Wright Forrester
  5. j2me USE JAVA ME
  6. jack knifing USE Jackknifing
  7. jack-knifing USE Jackknifing
  8. jackknife method USE Jackknifing
  9. jackknife technique USE Jackknifing
  10. Jackknifing
  11. jacobson, ivar USE Ivar Jacobson
  12. Jakob Nielsen
  13. james a. gosling USE James Gosling
  14. james f. blinn USE Jim Blinn
  15. James Gosling
  16. james hardy wilkinson USE J. H. Wilkinson
  17. james nicholas gray USE Jim Gray
  18. JAVA ME
  19. java micro edition USE JAVA ME
  20. java platform, micro edition USE JAVA ME
  21. java script USE JavaScript
  22. java server pages USE JSP
  23. java, micro ed. USE JAVA ME
  24. java, micro edition USE JAVA ME
  25. JavaScript
  26. javascript language USE JavaScript
  27. javaserver pages USE JSP
  28. jay w. forrester USE Jay Wright Forrester
  29. Jay Wright Forrester
  30. jet propulsion lab USE Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  31. Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  32. Jim Blinn
  33. Jim Gray
  34. JISC
  35. jit compiler USE Just-in-time compilers
  36. jit compilers USE Just-in-time compilers
  37. jnpr (nyse) USE Juniper Networks
  38. jobs in computing USE Computing occupations
  39. jobs in technology USE Employment issues
  40. jobs in the tech industry USE Employment issues
  41. jobs, steve USE Steve Jobs
  42. jobs, steven paul USE Steve Jobs
  43. john adam presper eckert USE J. Presper Eckert
  44. john atanasoff USE John Vincent Atanasoff
  45. John Cocke
  46. john mauchly USE John W. Mauchly
  47. John McCarthy
  48. john pasta USE John R. Pasta
  49. John R. Pasta
  50. John Sculley
  51. john v. atanasoff USE John Vincent Atanasoff
  52. John Vincent Atanasoff
  53. John Von Neumann
  54. John W. Mauchly
  55. join algorithm USE Join algorithms
  56. Join algorithms
  57. joint information systems committee USE JISC
  58. Joint Photographic Experts Group
  59. Jon Kleinberg
  60. jon michael kleinberg USE Jon Kleinberg
  61. joy, bill USE Bill Joy
  62. joy, william nelson USE Bill Joy
  63. JPEG
  64. jpeg file format USE JPEG
  65. jpeg mime type USE JPEG
  66. jpeg standard USE JPEG
  67. JSP
  68. julius richard buchi USE J. Richard Buchi
  69. juniper USE Juniper Networks
  70. Juniper Networks
  71. just in time compiler USE Just-in-time compilers
  72. just in time compilers USE Just-in-time compilers
  73. just-in-time compiler USE Just-in-time compilers
  74. Just-in-time compilers