How to create multilingual controlled vocabulary



Since version 1.2 of TemaTres there are two possible models to implement multilngual controlled vocabulary:

  1. Model based on a one central vocabulary and many target vocabularies
  2. Federated model

Model with central vocabulary:
This model contains in the same vocabulary the terms from source vocabulary and the equivalence to the terms in target vocabularies. All vocabularies (source and target vocabulary vocabulary) are managed by the same instance of TemaTres.
This option is useful if the target vocabulary does not exist or the terminology services are not available or there are incomplete terminological correspondences.

How to register a target vocabulary:
1) Login as administrator TemaTres.
2) Main Menu -> Administration -> vocabulary configuration -> add reference vocabulary.
3) Fill in the form the descriptive metadata for target vocabulary (may be changed later.)

How to create a terminological relation between controlled vocabularies
1) Find the term in our source vocabulary from which you want to create an terminological relation
2) Go to Options menu (in the term) -> Relations between vocabularies -> target vocabulary.
3) Fill the corresponding term to the target vocabulary.
4) Select the target vocabulary
5) Set the type of terminological (total equivalence, partial equivalence, nonequivalence)

Federated Model:
This model allows to establish independent relationships between different vocabularies or languages, whether equivalence relations between languages or other possible relationships between terms and concepts. Each of the vocabularies of destination (target vocabulary) should be able to offer web services according to the TemaTres pattern terminology services. Through these services, the source vocabulary can search terms in the target vocabularies and establish relationships between terms.
This option can be useful for medium and large projects managed by multilingual terminologist team.

Registering a target vocabulary:
1) Login as administrator TemaTres.
2) Main Menu -> Administration -> vocabulary configuration -> add reference vocabulary remote (via web services).
3) Record the following information:
– Key reference: the legend will appear on screen next to each term
– Tag Reference: is a label describing the type of relationship terminology (eg EQ, EQP)
– Language: language code of the vocabulary of reference (target vocabulary)
– URL of web service terminology: URL from which the reference vocabulary TemaTres offers web services terminology. The service must be enabled on the target vocabulary (target vocabulary). EJ:

How to create a terminological equivalence
1) Find the word in the vocabulary of origin (source vocabulary), bone … our vocabulary, from which you want to create an equivalence relation terminology
2) Go to Options menu (the term) -> Relations between vocabularies -> remote target vocabulary (web services).
3) Select the reference vocabulary (vocabulary target) with which to establish a terminological relationship
4) Search it in the target vocabulary.
5) Select the desired term

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