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TemaTres 2.0 released

TemaTres 2.0 released! Now capabilities to export to Moodle, MADS, Zthes 1.0 and new reports. Reuse vocabularies and import terms from other vocabularies.

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TemaTres 1.6 relased: more features to controlled vocabularies management

Metadata about last change in any aspect of each vocabulary (terms, relations, notes). Some improvements was added in skos-core import process (now import broadMatch, broadMatch, exactMatch, majorMatch, minorMatch, narrowMatch references) New capabilities in terminological web services: retrieve terms by code and or by reverse mapping references. New ways in mapping among controlled vocabularies mapping by […]

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Features to the next release of TemaTres

We working in 1.52 release of TemaTres, this release will include the following features: Automated mapping relations between vocabularies to improve multilingual and multicultural controlled vocabularies Delete terms in one step Add end user command to delete the terms of the whole vocabulary Add feature to passwords recovery Import linked data from Skos-core Use AJAX […]

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TemaTres and ISO 25964-1

Tematres 1.5 was released in January 2012 and includes many enhancements designed to extend the configuration possibilities and specialization of controlled vocabularies through the implementation of the new ISO 25964-1 Here some of the new capabilities of TemaTres: Allow create user-defined relationships By default, includes the following sub-types of relationships: hierarchical partitive, Hierarchical instance, Spelling variant, […]

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What is the difference between a 'Vocabulary' and a 'Target Vocabulary'

This function it is oriented to mapping between vocabularies. Vocabulary
it is the principal vocabulary (for example, your vocabulary) and target
it is the vocabulary with you want make an equivalence, partial
equivalence or no equivalence. For example, Thesauri it’s term in Government of Canada Core Subject Thesaurus; and “Thésaurus” it’s the equivalente in Thésaurus des sujets de base, french version of Government of Canada Core Subject Thesaurus (target vocabulary).
You can register new target vocaburay with administrative privileges.

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