TemaTres for education in Thailand

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Boonlert Aroonpiboon, from Thailand, has developed a package for instructional propose using an integration between Server2Go (HTTP server + PHP + MySql) and TemaTres. He also wrote full instructions (in Thai). Here package and her instructions

TemaTres 1.4 released!

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TemaTres 1.4 is now available to download!! Here the changelog and new features: – Quality indicators about controlled vocabularies The Quality assurance was improved with reports about the following quality indicators: – Free Terms – Terms without hierarchical relationships – Average number of words per term – Terms per N Broader terms – Terms per… Read more »

Managing Controlled Vocabularies with “TemaTres” | LTER Databits

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By John Porter The Controlled Vocabulary Working Group has been working on developing a controlled vocabulary for science keywords to be used in LTER datasets. As part of the process, the working group evaluated software for managing controlled vocabularies and higher level structures (polytaxonomys, thesauri and ontologies). …. [go to the article]

TemaTres 1.3

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TemaTres 1.3 was released :-), this are the new features and capabilities: Database abstraction With the addition of  ADODB5 database abstraction library, TemaTres is more safer and can be used with a variety of database engines (Postgres, Oracle MS server, mysqli, etc). The database type is MySQL by default. Importing from SKOS-Core data sources Now… Read more »

More Edition Features

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Public Scope notes, Historical and Bibliographical notes Private notes WYSWYG editor for notes References links between terms using wiki sintax in notes

Integrate services

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Powerful and flexible web services Publish your vocabulary in WordPress with the WordPress plugin Integrate your vocabulary with Open Journal System Integrate your vocabulary in any web system with TemaTresView

Web Publishing Features

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  • Systematic and alphabetic navigation
  • Display terms in multiple deep levels in the same screen
  • Search terms suggestion based on vocabulary terms. Ex: Did you mean lorem ipsum?
  • Search result expansion
  • Public stadistical summary

Management features

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User management Terms and user supervision Statistical summary Quality assurance functions: Ilegal relations between terms Duplicates terms control Free terms control