Edition features

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  • Workflow: candidate, accepted and rejected terms
  • Relationship between terms
  • No limits to number of terms, alternative labels, levels of hierarchy, etc
  • Massive terms charge
  • Scope notes, Historical and Bibliographical notes
  • Private notes
  • WYSWYG editor for notes
  • Reference relation between terms using wiki sintax in notes

More Management Features

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Manage realtions between vocabularies Complete export in XML format (Zthes, TopicMaps, MADS, Dublin Core, BS 8723, SiteMap) Complete export in RDF format (Skos-Core) Create and print alphabetical and sistematic versions

New version of TemaTres: TemaTres 1.033

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Is available for testing the 1.033 version of TemaTres. These are some of the new features: Subordinate an existing term to the current term. (special thanks for David Lawrence of SafetyLit and Nandu Madimchetty of Monarch Media) Associate an existing term to the current term as a non-preferred term.(special thanks for David Lawrence of SafetyLit… Read more »

Tematres integration with Open Journal System

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Dear all, a few weeks ago Marc Bria Ramírez (from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) published an article in the PKP forum about a new plugin for integrate TemaTres with Open Journal System. For the integration use TemaTres Web services and TemaTresView, an very modular and clear ajax interface for TemaTres created by Nicolas Populan.
Below we repeat the post and instuctions published by Marc at PKP forum:

TemaTres 1.032

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The 1.032 version of TemaTres has been released with new features, some capabilities improved and some minor bugs fixed. Here are the changelog: BS-8723-Core XML schema for controlled vocabularies added JSON (JavaScript Object Notation ) output option in web services added. WYSIWYG editor for notes improved. Now use TinyMCE. User configuration capability for establish URI… Read more »

How to enable Polyhierarchical or Multiple Broader Term Relationships

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When multiple broader relationships (polyhierarchical) was enable, one term may be present in more than one location in the vocabulary hierarchy, reflecting the term’s logical association to more than one broader concept. To allow more than one broader term for a thesaurus term, must enable polyhierarchy in the config vocabulary form. Login as admin and… Read more »

How to install TemaTres in XAMMP

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by Patrice Chalon

  1. Install XAMPP from http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html

    XAMPP provides Apache MySQL and PHP. XAMPP is available for Windows, Linux
    and MacOSX.
    It is for development purpose, not for production.

  2. Unzip tematres install file available from

  3. Copy the unzipped file into the folder XAMPP/htdocs/
  4. Rename folder ‘tematres’
  5. Within phpmyadmin (, create the database (name = ‘tematres097’)
  6. Within phpmyadmin (, create the tables for the tematres database

    tab IMPORT: browse to xampp/htdocs/tematres/tematres097.sql

    the following tables are created
    * lc_config
    * lc_indice
    * lc_notas
    * lc_tabla_rel

    * lc_tema
    * lc_usuario

  7. Go to and choose your language
  8. Login into MyAccount
    Administrator login = admin@r020.com.ar password= admin
    Editor login = info@r020.com.ar password= demo
  9. Change the login and password of the admin and editor accounts

What is the difference between a 'Vocabulary' and a 'Target Vocabulary'

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This function it is oriented to mapping between vocabularies. Vocabulary
it is the principal vocabulary (for example, your vocabulary) and target
it is the vocabulary with you want make an equivalence, partial
equivalence or no equivalence. For example, Thesauri it’s term in Government of Canada Core Subject Thesaurus; and “Thésaurus” it’s the equivalente in Thésaurus des sujets de base, french version of Government of Canada Core Subject Thesaurus (target vocabulary).
You can register new target vocaburay with administrative privileges.