How to enable Polyhierarchical or Multiple Broader Term Relationships

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When multiple broader relationships (polyhierarchical) was enable, one term may be present in more than one location in the vocabulary hierarchy, reflecting the term’s logical association to more than one broader concept. To allow more than one broader term for a thesaurus term, must enable polyhierarchy in the config vocabulary form. Login as admin and… Read more »

How to install TemaTres in XAMMP

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by Patrice Chalon

  1. Install XAMPP from

    XAMPP provides Apache MySQL and PHP. XAMPP is available for Windows, Linux
    and MacOSX.
    It is for development purpose, not for production.

  2. Unzip tematres install file available from

  3. Copy the unzipped file into the folder XAMPP/htdocs/
  4. Rename folder ‘tematres’
  5. Within phpmyadmin (, create the database (name = ‘tematres097’)
  6. Within phpmyadmin (, create the tables for the tematres database

    tab IMPORT: browse to xampp/htdocs/tematres/tematres097.sql

    the following tables are created
    * lc_config
    * lc_indice
    * lc_notas
    * lc_tabla_rel

    * lc_tema
    * lc_usuario

  7. Go to and choose your language
  8. Login into MyAccount
    Administrator login = password= admin
    Editor login = password= demo
  9. Change the login and password of the admin and editor accounts