How to publishing a thesaurus on the web


With Thesaurus Web Publisher you can publish a thesaurus on the web using your own look and feel, your own web template. You can use data provided by Tematres web services to create one public view for your thesaurus o controlled vocabulary.

Thesaurus web publisher


Thesaurus Web Publisher is a php tool to publish thesaurus and controlled vocabularies in the web. Thesaurus Web Publisher use the terminological web services provided by TemaTres.

TemaTres is a web tool to manage, publish and exploit controlled vocabularies and other formals representation of knowledge ( thesauri, taxonomies, glossaries, etc) .

To configure Thesaurus Web Publisher, please edit the config file ( and configure the URL for the terminological web services provided by TemaTres. For example:

* URL_BASE must be a TemaTres Web Services provider. Web services must be enabled on your Tematres services provider.
* eg:
$URL_BASE= "";

You can try these Tematres web services provider:




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