TemaTres 1.6 relased: more features to controlled vocabularies management

  • Metadata about last change in any aspect of each vocabulary (terms, relations, notes).
  • Some improvements was added in skos-core import process (now import broadMatch, broadMatch, exactMatch, majorMatch, minorMatch, narrowMatch references)
  • New capabilities in terminological web services: retrieve terms by code and or by reverse mapping references.
  • New ways in mapping among controlled vocabularies
    • mapping by unique code or identifier: you can do automatic mapping between terms who use the some code or identifier
    • Reverse mapping: you can mapping one who was referenced by other vocabulary (something like Trackback link)
  • Alphabetic exploration now have pagination
  • Go to term page when the search retrieves unambiguous and unique results
  • Delete data massively (terms, relations, notes).
  • Now you can encrypt the password in database storage (This is optional, you can config it in db.tematres.php).
  • Procedure to password recovery
  • Preaty and clean URLs for linked data (using .htaccess). For example: http://YOUR_VOCABULARY/skos/10766 , http://YOUR_VOCABULARY/zthes/10766 , etc)
  • Fixed bugs and improved several functional aspects.

Enjoy …. any comments are welcomed 🙂

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