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  • Metadata about last change in any aspect of each vocabulary (terms, relations, notes).
  • Some improvements was added in skos-core import process (now import broadMatch, broadMatch, exactMatch, majorMatch, minorMatch, narrowMatch references)
  • New capabilities in terminological web services: retrieve terms by code and or by reverse mappingA set of correspondences between categories, schema element names, or controlled terms. Mappings are used for transforming data or queries from one vocabulary for use with another. references.
  • New ways in mapping among controlled vocabularies
    • mapping by unique code or identifier1. A proper name (or its abbreviation or acronym) of an institution, person, place, object, or process, optionally treated as a category of heading distinct from terms. Identifiers may be held in a separate file (compare authority file), and their form may be controlled (e.g., the name of an ...: you can do automatic mapping between terms who use the some code or identifier
    • Reverse mapping: you can mapping one who was referenced by other vocabulary (something like Trackback link)
  • Alphabetic exploration now have pagination
  • Go to termOne or more words designating a concept. See also compound term, entry term, and precoordinated term. page when the search retrieves unambiguous and unique results
  • Delete data massively (terms, relations, notes).
  • Now you can encrypt the password in database storage (This is optional, you can config it in db.tematres.php).
  • Procedure to password recovery
  • Preaty and clean URLs for linked data (using .htaccess). For example: http://YOUR_VOCABULARY/skos/10766 , http://YOUR_VOCABULARY/zthes/10766 , etc)
  • Fixed bugs and improved several functional aspects.

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