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We are glad to announce the public release of TemaTres 1.7.
Here the changelog:

  •   Now you can have a SPARQL Endpoint for your TemaTres vocabulary. Many thanks to Enayat Rajabi!!!
  •   Capability to create and manage meta-terms. Meta-termOne or more words designating a concept. See also compound term, entry term, and precoordinated term. is a term to describe others terms (Ej: Guide terms, Facets, Categories, etc.). Can’t be use in indexing1. A method by which terms or subject headings from a controlled vocabulary are selected by a human or computer to represent the concepts in or attributes of a content object. The terms may or may not occur in the content object. 2. An operation intended to represent the results of the content ... process.
  •   New standard reports: all the terms with his UF terms and all the terms with his RT terms.
  •   Capability to define custom fields in alphabetical export
  •   New capabilities for TemaTres API: suggest & suggestDetails,
  •   Fixed bugs and improved several functional aspects.

Many thanks to the feedback provided by TemaTres community 🙂



How to update to Tematres 1.7:

    • Login as admin and go to: Menu -> Administration -> Database maintance -> Update 1.6 to 1.7

How to enable SPARQL endpoint:

  1. Login as admin and go to Menu -> Administration -> Configuration -> Click in your vocabulary: Set as ENABLE SPARQL endpoint (by default is disable).
  2. Login as admin and Goto: Menu -> Administration -> Database maintance -> Update SPARQL endpoint.