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Changelog TemaTres 2.0:

  • Export to Moodle your vocabulary: now you can export to Moodle Glossary XML format
  • Metadata summary about each termOne or more words designating a concept. See also compound term, entry term, and precoordinated term. and about your vocabulary (data about terms, relations, notes and total descendants terms, deep levels, etc)
  • New report: reports about terms with mappingA set of correspondences between categories, schema element names, or controlled terms. Mappings are used for transforming data or queries from one vocabulary for use with another. relations, terms by status, preferred terms, etc.
  • New report: reports about terms without notes or specific type of notes
  • Import the notes type defined by user (custom notes) using tagged file format
  • Select massively free terms to assign to other term
  • Improve utilities to take terminological recommendations from other vocabularies (more than 300:
  • Update Zthes schema to Zthes 1.0 (Thanks to Wilbert Kraan)
  • Export the whole vocabulary to Metadata Authority Description Schema (MADS)
  • Fixed bugs and improved several functional aspects.
  • Uses Bootstrap v3.3.4


How to update to Tematres 2.0 from 1.82:
– Replace the code but mantaine your db.tematres.php.

How to update to Tematres 2.0 from Tematres 1.6 (or preious version):
– Login as admin and go to: Menu -> Administration -> Database maintance -> Update 1.6 to 1.7

Download TemaTres 2.0 from