TemaTres 3.1 release is out!, open source web tool to manage controlled vocabularies

Here the changelog TemaTres 3.1:

  • Utility for importing vocabularies encoded in MARC-XML format
  • Utility for the mass export of vocabulary in MARC-XML format
  • New reports about global vocabulary structure (ex: https://r020.com.ar/tematres/demo/sobre.php?setLang=en#global_view)
  • Distribution of terms according to depth level
  • Distribution of sum of preferred terms and the sum of alternative terms
  • Distribution of sum of hierarchical relationships and sum of associative relationships
  • Report about terms with relevant degree of centrality in the vocabulary (according to prototypical conditions)
  • Presentation of terms with relevant degree of centrality in each facet
  • New options to config the presentation of notes: define specific types of note as prominent (the others note types will be presented in collapsed div).
  • Button for Copy to clipboard the terms with indexing value (Copy-one-click button)
  • New user login scheme (login)
  • Allows to config and add Google Analytics tracking code (parameter in config.tematres.php file)
  • Improvements in standard exposure of metadata tags
  • Inclusion of the term notation or code in the search box predictive text
  • Compatibility with PHP 7.2
Thanks about the contribution to:
  • IBICT Project (https://repositorio.enap.gov.br/handle/1/4199)
  • Andreas Roussos (https://github.com/a-roussos)
  • Horus68 (https://github.com/horus68)

Many thanks to the feedback and contributions provided by TemaTres community 🙂

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