TemaTres and ISO 25964-1

Tematres 1.5 was released in January 2012 and includes many enhancements designed to extend the configuration possibilities and specialization of controlled vocabularies through the implementation of the new ISO 25964-1

Here some of the new capabilities of TemaTres:

Allow create user-defined relationships

By default, includes the following sub-types of relationships: hierarchical partitive, Hierarchical instance, Spelling variant, Abbreviation, Full form of the term. It allows creation of unlimited sub​​-types of relationships.

Manage relationships between terms and other web entities

Set relations between terms and other resources available online. Allows mapping relationships with other vocabularies, or other web resources.
Includes types of relationships editor for creating new types of relationships. By default include: broadMatch, broadMatch, exactMatch, majorMatch, minorMatch, narrowMatch. These types of relationships are recognized by the skos-core engine as valid to be mapped in skos-core

Export to WXP (WordPress XML)

Export the complete vocabulary to WXP (WordPress XML) allows you to export your vocabulary as WordPress categories. Thanks to Paul Matthews from University of the West of England.

Note types and Skos-core

Since 1.5 version the skos-core engine recognize the follows alias as valid notes type to be mapped in skos-core:

  • DEF: Definition note
  • ED: Editorial note
  • EX: example
  • CH: Change note

Define hidden labels

Now you can define list of sub-type of equivalent terms (non-prefered terms) to be addressed as hidden equivalent terms. You can config it in


, HIDDEN_EQ param. By default are defined spelling variants and misspelled variants (SP and MS) as hidden labels.
These types of equivalent terms are recognized by the skos-core engine as valid to be mapped in skos-core as hiddenLabel.

Thanks to Katell Briatte (Ministere de la culture et de la communication, France) about many of the functional proposals included in this version :).

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