Government of Canada Core Subject Thesaurus

  1. Ice
  2. Ice caps
  3. Ice hockey USE Hockey
  4. Ice thickness USE Ice
  5. Icebreakers
  6. Ichthyology
  7. Ichtyologie EQ Ichthyology
  8. Identification
  9. Identification EQ Identification
  10. Identification cards USE Identification
  11. Identité canadienne EQ Canadian identity
  12. Idiome EQ Idioms
  13. Idioms
  14. Illegal activities USE Crime
  15. Illegal drugs USE Narcotics
  16. Illicit drugs USE Narcotics
  17. Illiteracy USE Literacy
  18. Illness USE Diseases
  19. Illustration EQ Illustrations
  20. Illustrations
  21. Image de marque EQ Corporate image
  22. Immeuble d'habitation EQ Apartment buildings
  23. Immigrant EQ Immigrants
  24. Immigrants
  25. Immigration
  26. Immigration EQ Immigration
  27. Immigration policy
  28. Immobilier EQ Real estate
  29. Immunisation EQ Immunization
  30. Immunization
  31. Impact économique EQ Economic impact
  32. Impact studies
  33. Impact sur l'environnement EQ Environmental impact
  34. Impact sur la santé EQ Health impact
  35. Impairments USE Disabilities
  36. Implantation EQ Implementation
  37. Implementation
  38. Importation EQ Imports
  39. Imports
  40. Impôt / Taxe EQ Taxes
  41. Impôt fédéral EQ Federal taxes
  42. Impôt foncier EQ Property tax
  43. Impôt provincial EQ Provincial taxes
  44. Impôt sur le revenu EQ Income tax
  45. Impôt sur le revenu des particuliers EQ Personal income tax
  46. Impôt sur le revenu des sociétés EQ Corporate income tax
  47. Impoverishment USE Poverty
  48. Imprimerie EQ Printing
  49. Imprisonment
  50. Imputabilité EQ Accountability
  51. Incendie EQ Fire
  52. Incendie de forêt EQ Forest fires
  53. Incentives
  54. Incitatif EQ Incentives
  55. Incitatif fiscal EQ Tax incentives
  56. Income
  57. Income maintenance USE Income security
  58. Income security
  59. Income support USE Income security
  60. Income tax
  61. Income tax deductions USE Tax credits
  62. Incorporated companies USE Corporations
  63. Incorporation EQ Incorporation
  64. Incorporation
  65. Indecent assaults USE Sexual offences
  66. Indemnité EQ Indemnities
  67. Indemnities
  68. Independent living
  69. Index EQ Indexes
  70. Indexes
  71. Indian lands USE Aboriginal lands
  72. Indian reserves USE Aboriginal reserves
  73. Indians
  74. Indicateur EQ Indicators
  75. Indicateurs de l'éducation EQ Education indicators
  76. Indicateurs de l'état de santé EQ Health indicators
  77. Indicateurs de performance EQ Performance indicators
  78. Indicateurs économiques EQ Economic indicators
  79. Indicateurs environnementaux EQ Environmental indicators
  80. Indicateurs sociaux EQ Social indicators
  81. Indicators
  82. Indice des prix EQ Price indexes
  83. Indien non-inscrit EQ Non-Status Indians
  84. Indiens EQ Indians
  85. Individual freedom USE Human rights
  86. Individual income USE Personal income
  87. Individual income tax USE Personal income tax
  88. Industrial accidents USE Occupational accidents
  89. Industrial aid USE Industry assistance
  90. Industrial assistance USE Industry assistance
  91. Industrial buildings
  92. Industrial design
  93. Industrial development
  94. Industrial efficiency USE Industrial productivity
  95. Industrial equipment USE Industrial technology
  96. Industrial expansion USE Industrial development
  97. Industrial facilities USE Industrial buildings
  98. Industrial fishing USE Fisheries
  99. Industrial goods USE Industrial products
  100. Industrial growth USE Industrial development
  101. Industrial management
  102. Industrial performance USE Industrial productivity
  103. Industrial plants USE Industrial buildings
  104. Industrial policy
  105. Industrial production USE Industrial products
  106. Industrial productivity
  107. Industrial products
  108. Industrial relations USE Labour relations
  109. Industrial research
  110. Industrial sector USE Industry
  111. Industrial solid waste USE Industrial waste
  112. Industrial technology
  113. Industrial waste
  114. Industrial workers
  115. Industrie EQ Industry
  116. Industrie agro-alimentaire EQ Agri-food industry
  117. Industrie chimique EQ Chemical industry
  118. Industrie cinématographique EQ Film industry
  119. Industrie culturelle EQ Cultural industry
  120. Industrie de l'aéronautique EQ Aviation industry
  121. Industrie de l'aérospatiale EQ Aerospace industry
  122. Industrie de l'automobile EQ Automobile industry
  123. Industrie de l'électronique EQ Electronics industry
  124. Industrie de l'équipement EQ Equipment industry
  125. Industrie de l'exploitation forestière EQ Forestry industry
  126. Industrie de l'immobilier EQ Real estate industry
  127. Industrie de la chaussure EQ Shoe industry
  128. Industrie de la construction EQ Construction industry
  129. Industrie de la coupe du bois EQ Logging industry
  130. Industrie de la défense EQ Defence industry
  131. Industrie de la fabrication EQ Manufacturing industry
  132. Industrie de la musique EQ Music industry
  133. Industrie de la radiodiffusion EQ Broadcasting industry
  134. Industrie des boissons EQ Beverage industry
  135. Industrie des communications EQ Communications industry
  136. Industrie des matières plastiques EQ Plastics industry
  137. Industrie des pâtes et papiers EQ Pulp and paper industry
  138. Industrie des produits médicaux EQ Medical products industry
  139. Industrie des services EQ Service industry
  140. Industrie des soins de santé EQ Health care industry
  141. Industrie du bois EQ Woodworking industry
  142. Industrie du bois de construction EQ Lumber industry
  143. Industrie du camionnage EQ Trucking industry
  144. Industrie du caoutchouc EQ Rubber industry
  145. Industrie du meuble EQ Furniture industry
  146. Industrie du tabac EQ Tobacco industry
  147. Industrie du transport EQ Transport industry
  148. Industrie du transport aérien EQ Air transport industry
  149. Industrie du transport ferroviaire EQ Rail transport industry
  150. Industrie du transport maritime EQ Water transport industry
  151. Industrie du verre EQ Glass industry
  152. Industrie du vêtement EQ Clothing industry
  153. Industrie gazière EQ Gas industry
  154. Industrie hôtelière EQ Hospitality industry
  155. Industrie laitière EQ Dairy industry
  156. Industrie métallurgique EQ Metalworking industry
  157. Industrie minière EQ Mining industry
  158. Industrie pétrolière EQ Petroleum industry
  159. Industrie pharmaceutique EQ Pharmaceutical industry
  160. Industrie primaire EQ Primary industry
  161. Industrie secondaire EQ Secondary industry
  162. Industrie textile EQ Textile industry
  163. Industrie vinicole EQ Wine industry
  164. Industry
  165. Industry analysis
  166. Industry assistance
  167. Industry classification
  168. Inégalité EQ Inequality
  169. Inequality
  170. Infant care
  171. Infant nutrition
  172. Infants
  173. Infected blood
  174. Infection control USE Infectious diseases
  175. Infectious diseases
  176. Infertility USE Fertility
  177. Inflation
  178. Inflation EQ Inflation
  179. Inflation rates USE Inflation
  180. Influenza
  181. Informatics security USE Computer security
  182. Information
  183. Information EQ Information
  184. Information and Communications
  185. Information dissemination
  186. Information gouvernementale EQ Government information
  187. Information highway USE Information technology
  188. Information management
  189. Information media USE Media
  190. Information numérisée EQ Electronic information
  191. Information policy
  192. Information requests
  193. Information science USE Information
  194. Information scientifique EQ Scientific information
  195. Information sources USE Information
  196. Information storage and retrieval systems USE Information systems
  197. Information systems
  198. Information technology
  199. Informatique EQ Computer science
  200. Infraction EQ Offences