Eurovoc, mnohojazyčný tezaurus Evropské unie

Eurovoc, mnohojazyčný tezaurus Evropské unie / European Communities

Date of creation02/01/2011
Last change date18/11/2012
Language typeControlled vocabulary
ScopeReproduced and adapted from the original language edition of the Eurovoc Thesaurus (Edition 4.3). Responsability for the reproduction and adaptation lies entirely with Diego Ferreyra
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    Alternative terms13690
    Hierarchical relationships7459
    Associative relationships9628
    Scope note910
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    Global organization of the vocabulary

    Terms for each depth level

    Hierarchical relationships / Associative relationships

    More specific terms: hubs

    Clustering coefficient: 1.797
    More specific terms: logarithmic scale

    Related terms: hubs

    Clustering coefficient: 0.295
    Related terms: logarithmic scale

    Preferred terms / Alternative terms

    Alternative terms: hubs

    Clustering coefficient: 1.326
    Alternative terms: logarithmic scale