Eurovoc, the EU's multilingual thesaurus

  1. a crime USE offence
  2. AAMS countries
  3. abandoned child
  4. abandoned land
  5. abandonment of nuclear energy USE nuclear policy
  6. abandonment premium USE set-aside
  7. abattoir waste USE agricultural waste
  8. abduction USE illegal restraint
  9. ability to vote USE right to vote
  10. ABM Agreement
  11. abolition of customs duties
  12. aboriginal USE indigenous population
  13. aborigine USE indigenous population
  14. abortion
  15. abrogation USE repeal
  16. Abruzzi
  17. absence from school USE school attendance
  18. absenteeism
  19. absolute majority
  20. absolute monarchy USE monocracy
  21. abstentionism
  22. abstracting USE summarising
  23. Abu Dhabi USE United Arab Emirates
  24. abuse of dominant position USE dominant position
  25. abuse of power
  26. academic freedom
  27. access provider USE Internet access provider
  28. access to a profession
  29. access to Community information
  30. access to education
  31. access to information
  32. access to justice USE access to the courts
  33. access to property USE acquisition of property
  34. access to the courts
  35. access to the labour market USE job access
  36. accession compensatory amount USE monetary compensatory amount
  37. accession criteria
  38. accession negotiations
  39. accession to a convention USE accession to an agreement
  40. accession to a treaty USE accession to an agreement
  41. accession to an agreement
  42. accession to the Community USE accession to the European Union
  43. accession to the European Union
  44. accessory right USE copyright
  45. accident at the workplace USE occupational accident
  46. accident at work USE occupational accident
  47. accident in the home
  48. accident prevention
  49. accidental pollution
  50. accommodation allowance USE family benefit
  51. accompanying document USE transport document
  52. accomplice USE complicity
  53. accomplice to a crime USE complicity
  54. account
  55. accountant
  56. accounting
  57. accounting
  58. accounting entry
  59. accounting plan USE accounting system
  60. accounting system
  61. acculturation
  62. accumulator USE electricity storage device
  63. accused USE charge
  64. acetate USE organic acid
  65. acetic acid USE organic acid
  66. acetone-butylic fuel USE substitute fuel
  67. acetylene USE hydrocarbon
  68. achievement of peace USE establishment of peace
  69. acid
  70. acid rain
  71. acidification
  72. acidification of the environment USE acidification
  73. acoustics
  74. ACP countries
  75. ACP-EC Committee of Ambassadors
  76. ACP-EC Convention
  77. ACP-EC Council USE ACP-EC Council of Ministers
  78. ACP-EC Council of Ministers
  79. ACP-EC institution
  80. ACP-EC Joint Assembly
  81. ACP-EC Joint Committee
  82. ACP-EEC Consultative Assembly USE ACP-EC Joint Assembly
  83. acquired immune deficiency syndrome USE AIDS
  84. acquis communautaire USE Community acquis
  85. acquisition of arms USE personal weapon
  86. acquisition of nationality USE nationality
  87. acquisition of property
  88. acreage USE area of holding
  89. acrylic acid USE organic acid
  90. acrylic fibre USE man-made fibre
  91. ACS USE Association of Caribbean States
  92. act of accession USE accession to the European Union
  93. actinium USE radioactive materials
  94. action against monopolies USE control of restrictive practices
  95. action against restrictive practices USE control of restrictive practices
  96. action brought before a civil court USE civil proceedings
  97. action brought before a Community court USE action brought before the EC Court of Justice
  98. action brought before an administrative court
  99. action brought before the EC Court of Justice
  100. action by officials USE action by staff
  101. action by staff
  102. action for annulment
  103. action for annulment of an EC decision
  104. action for damages USE civil liability proceedings
  105. action for failure to act
  106. action for failure to fulfil an obligation
  107. action programme
  108. action to establish liability on the part of an administration
  109. action to have an EC decision declared void USE action for annulment of an EC decision
  110. activating price
  111. active life USE working life
  112. actor USE artistic profession
  113. actual residence USE residence
  114. acupuncture USE alternative medicine
  115. acupuncture practitioner USE practitioner of alternative medicine
  116. AD function group USE administrator
  117. ad hoc committee
  118. Ad Hoc Group on Immigration USE EU body for police and judicial cooperation
  119. adaptation of buildings USE facilities for the disabled
  120. adaptation of financial perspectives
  121. adaptation of the worker USE worker adaptability
  122. adaptation of work to man USE ergonomics
  123. adaptation to technical progress USE technological change
  124. adapted vehicle USE facilities for the disabled
  125. adapter card USE expansion card
  126. ADB USE Asian Development Bank
  127. ADB Group USE African Development Bank
  128. add-on card USE expansion card
  129. added value
  130. addiction to tobacco USE smoking
  131. additional benefit
  132. additional duty
  133. additional income USE supplementary income
  134. additional resources
  135. Aden protectorate USE Yemen
  136. adhesive
  137. adjournment
  138. adjournment motion USE adjournment
  139. adjustment to remuneration USE wage determination
  140. adjustment to school
  141. adjuvant
  142. administration of tariff quota USE tariff quota
  143. administration of the Institutions
  144. administrative act USE administrative measure
  145. administrative appropriations USE administrative expenditure
  146. administrative autonomy
  147. administrative barrier USE technical barrier
  148. administrative board USE board of directors
  149. administrative budget of the Institutions USE EC administrative expenditure
  150. administrative building USE public building
  151. administrative code
  152. administrative competition
  153. administrative contract
  154. administrative control
  155. administrative cooperation
  156. administrative cost USE administrative formalities
  157. administrative court
  158. administrative district USE administrative unit
  159. administrative expenditure
  160. administrative expenses USE overheads
  161. administrative formalities
  162. administrative law
  163. administrative measure
  164. administrative offence
  165. administrative order
  166. administrative organisation USE administrative structures
  167. administrative penalty
  168. administrative personnel
  169. administrative powers
  170. administrative procedure
  171. administrative reform
  172. administrative responsibility
  173. administrative sanction USE administrative penalty
  174. administrative science
  175. administrative service USE administrative personnel
  176. administrative simplification USE administrative formalities
  177. administrative structures
  178. administrative supervision
  179. administrative transparency
  180. administrative tribunal USE administrative court
  181. administrative unit
  182. administrator
  183. administrators' function group USE administrator
  184. admissibility
  185. admission of aliens
  186. admission to examinations
  187. admission to the CCT USE common customs tariff
  188. ADN agreement
  189. ADNR agreement USE ADN agreement
  190. adolescence USE young person
  191. adolescent USE young person
  192. adopted child
  193. adopted descendant USE adoption of a child
  194. adopted family USE adoption of a child
  195. adoption law
  196. adoption of a child
  197. adoption of a law by vote
  198. adoption of the budget
  199. ADR USE ADR agreement
  200. ADR agreement