Eurovoc, the EU's multilingual thesaurus

  1. e-administration USE electronic government
  2. e-commerce USE electronic commerce
  3. e-governance USE governance
  4. e-government USE electronic government
  5. e-learning USE distance learning
  6. e-training USE vocational training
  7. EAC USE East African Community
  8. EAC countries
  9. EADI
  10. EAEC
  11. EAEC Decision
  12. EAEC Directive
  13. EAEC Joint Undertaking
  14. EAEC opinion
  15. EAEC recommendation
  16. EAEC Regulation
  17. EAEC Supply Agency
  18. EAEC Treaty
  19. EAES USE European Atomic Energy Society
  20. EAGGF
  21. EAGGF Guarantee Section
  22. EAGGF Guarantee Section aid USE EAGGF Guarantee Section
  23. EAGGF Guidance Section
  24. EAGGF Guidance Section aid USE EAGGF Guidance Section
  25. EAGGF monetary reserve USE EC budgetary reserve
  26. EANPC USE European Association of National Productivity Centres
  27. EAPC USE Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council
  28. EAR USE European Agency for Reconstruction
  29. early childhood
  30. early election
  31. early fruit and vegetables
  32. early retirement
  33. earth measurement USE geodesy
  34. earth sciences
  35. Earth Summit USE UN Conference on Environment and Development
  36. earthquake
  37. earths and stones
  38. earthworks USE building technique
  39. EASA USE European Aviation Safety Agency
  40. easement
  41. East Africa
  42. East African Community
  43. East Asia USE Far East
  44. East Germany USE German Democratic Republic
  45. East Jerusalem USE autonomous territories of Palestine
  46. East Latvia USE Latgale
  47. East Middle Sweden
  48. East Midlands
  49. East of England
  50. East Timor
  51. East-West policy
  52. East-West relations
  53. East-West trade
  54. Eastern Asia USE Far East
  55. Eastern Bloc USE Eastern Bloc countries
  56. Eastern Bloc countries
  57. Eastern Europe
  58. Eastern Finland
  59. Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
  60. Eastern Malaysia USE Malaysia
  61. Eastern Republic of Uruguay USE Uruguay
  62. eating habits
  63. eavesdropping USE protection of communications
  64. EBIC USE small and medium-sized enterprises
  65. EBIC USE small and medium-sized enterprises
  66. EBRD
  67. EBU (European Barge Union) USE European Barge Union
  68. EBU (European Broadcasting Union) USE European Broadcasting Union
  69. EC Accession Treaty
  70. EC act USE Community act
  71. EC action to establish liability
  72. EC administrative expenditure
  73. EC advisory committee
  74. EC Advocate-General USE member of the EC Court of Justice
  75. EC agreement
  76. EC agricultural fund USE EAGGF
  77. EC agriculture committee
  78. EC association USE EC association agreement
  79. EC association agreement
  80. EC Association Council
  81. EC auxiliary staff USE EC servants
  82. EC basic post USE European official
  83. EC budget USE Community budget
  84. EC budgetary discipline
  85. EC budgetary expenditure USE Community expenditure
  86. EC budgetary reserve
  87. EC case law USE EC case-law
  88. EC case-law
  89. EC category B staff USE assistant
  90. EC category C staff USE assistant
  91. EC category D staff USE assistant
  92. EC Commission USE European Commission
  93. EC committee
  94. EC competence USE Community competence
  95. EC competition
  96. EC conformity marking
  97. EC cooperation agreement
  98. EC Council USE Council of the European Union
  99. EC Council committee USE EU Council committee
  100. EC Council Presidency USE EU Council Presidency
  101. EC country USE EU Member State
  102. EC Court of Auditors USE European Court of Auditors
  103. EC Court of First Instance USE Court of First Instance of the European Communities
  104. EC Court of Justice USE Court of Justice of the European Communities
  105. EC customs territory
  106. EC Decision
  107. EC Directive
  108. EC Economic and Social Committee USE European Economic and Social Committee
  109. EC ESC USE European Economic and Social Committee
  110. EC external competence
  111. EC external relations USE EU relations
  112. EC farm price USE farm prices
  113. EC framework programme USE Community programme
  114. EC fund
  115. EC general budget
  116. EC infringement procedure
  117. EC infringement proceedings USE EC infringement procedure
  118. EC Institutional balance
  119. EC institutional body USE EU body or agency
  120. EC Intergovernmental Conference
  121. EC Intergovernmental Convention
  122. EC interim agreement
  123. EC interinstitutional cooperation
  124. EC interinstitutional relations
  125. EC internal competition USE EC competition
  126. EC internal market USE single market
  127. EC joint body
  128. EC joint committee
  129. EC Judge USE member of the EC Court of Justice
  130. EC language service USE administrator
  131. EC limited period USE EC transitional period
  132. EC local staff USE EC servants
  133. EC management committee
  134. EC Mediator USE European Ombudsman
  135. EC Mediterranean region
  136. EC Merger Treaty USE Merger Treaty
  137. EC Monetary Committee
  138. EC Monetary Cooperation Fund USE European Monetary Cooperation Fund
  139. EC Monetary Fund USE European Monetary Fund
  140. EC Official Journal USE EU Official Journal
  141. EC Ombudsman USE European Ombudsman
  142. EC open competition USE EC competition
  143. EC operating budget USE EC administrative expenditure
  144. EC operational expenditure
  145. EC opinion
  146. EC own resources USE own resources
  147. EC participation in a cultural event USE Community sponsorship
  148. EC participation in a sporting event USE Community sponsorship
  149. EC participation in an international meeting USE the EU's international role
  150. EC proposal
  151. EC Protocol
  152. EC recommendation
  153. EC regional fund USE European Regional Development Fund
  154. EC Registrar USE member of the EC Court of Justice
  155. EC Regulation
  156. EC regulatory committee
  157. EC representation in an international organisation USE the EU's international role
  158. EC research expenditure
  159. EC resolution USE Community resolution
  160. EC satellite body USE EU body or agency
  161. EC scientific committee
  162. EC scientific staff USE EC servants
  163. EC secondary legislation USE secondary legislation
  164. EC servants
  165. EC specialised body USE EU body or agency
  166. EC staff USE European official
  167. EC staff in category A USE administrator
  168. EC staff in category LA USE administrator
  169. EC standing committee
  170. EC technical committee
  171. EC temporary staff USE EC servants
  172. EC third country convention USE EC agreement
  173. EC trade agreement
  174. EC transitional measures USE EC transitional period
  175. EC transitional period
  176. ECA USE UN regional commission
  177. ECAC USE European Civil Aviation Conference
  178. ECB USE European Central Bank
  179. ECC-Net USE European Consumer Centres Network
  180. ECCAS USE Economic Community of Central African States
  181. ecclesiastical council
  182. ECDPC USE European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
  183. ECE USE UN regional commission
  184. ECHA USE European Chemicals Agency
  185. Echelon USE espionage
  186. ECHO
  187. echography USE medical diagnosis
  188. ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) USE European Convention on Human Rights
  189. ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) USE European Court of Human Rights
  190. ECLAC USE UN regional commission
  191. ECMT USE European Conference of Ministers of Transport
  192. eco-balance USE environmental impact
  193. eco-development USE sustainable development
  194. eco-friendly tourism USE ecological tourism
  195. eco-industry USE clean technology
  196. eco-label
  197. Ecofin
  198. Ecofin Council USE Ecofin
  199. ecological assessment USE environmental impact
  200. ecological balance