Eurovoc, the EU's multilingual thesaurus

  1. jail USE penal institution
  2. jam USE fruit product
  3. Jamaica
  4. Japan
  5. Java
  6. JET USE Joint European Torus
  7. Jew
  8. jewel USE precious stones
  9. jewellery USE jewellery and goldsmith's articles
  10. jewellery and goldsmith's articles
  11. JHA USE area of freedom, security and justice
  12. JOAC USE European arms policy
  13. job access
  14. job applicant USE job application
  15. job application
  16. job centre USE employment service
  17. job creation
  18. job cuts
  19. job description
  20. job diversification USE humanisation of work
  21. job enrichment USE humanisation of work
  22. job expansion USE humanisation of work
  23. job market USE job access
  24. job mobility
  25. job perspective USE job access
  26. job preservation
  27. job profile USE job description
  28. job protection USE job security
  29. job reassignment USE reassignment
  30. job rotation USE humanisation of work
  31. job satisfaction
  32. job security
  33. job seeker USE job application
  34. job sharing
  35. job transformation USE change of job
  36. job vacancy
  37. joinery
  38. joint action
  39. joint authority
  40. joint committee USE ad hoc committee
  41. joint committee on EC matters
  42. joint competence
  43. joint enterprise USE joint venture
  44. Joint European Torus
  45. joint financing USE co-financing
  46. Joint Organisation for Armaments Cooperation USE European arms policy
  47. joint ownership
  48. joint position
  49. joint possession USE division of property
  50. Joint Research Centre
  51. joint stock company USE company with share capital
  52. joint subsidiary
  53. joint undertaking USE joint venture
  54. Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS USE UNAIDS
  55. joint venture
  56. Jordan
  57. journalism USE press
  58. journalist USE communications profession
  59. JRC USE Joint Research Centre
  60. Judaism
  61. judge
  62. judgment of the CJEC USE judgment of the EC Court
  63. judgment of the EC Court
  64. judgment of the EC Court of Justice USE judgment of the EC Court
  65. judicial cooperation
  66. judicial cooperation in civil matters in the EU
  67. judicial cooperation in criminal matters USE judicial cooperation in criminal matters in the EU
  68. judicial cooperation in criminal matters in the EU
  69. judicial independence USE independence of the judiciary
  70. judicial inquiry
  71. judicial interpretation USE interpretation of the law
  72. judicial investigation
  73. judicial power
  74. judicial procedure USE judicial proceedings
  75. judicial proceedings
  76. judicial reform
  77. judicial review
  78. judicial separation
  79. juggernaut USE commercial vehicle
  80. junk e-mail USE unsolicited electronic advertising
  81. jurisdiction
  82. jurisdiction of the courts USE jurisdiction
  83. jurisdiction of the ordinary courts USE jurisdiction
  84. jurisdiction ratione materiae
  85. juror USE lay magistrate
  86. jury USE lay magistrate
  87. jury challenge USE challenge
  88. justice
  89. justice and home affairs USE area of freedom, security and justice
  90. justice of the peace USE lay magistrate
  91. jute
  92. juvenile court
  93. juvenile delinquency
  94. Jämtland county
  95. Jönköping county