Eurovoc, il thesaurus multilingue dell'Unione europea

Eurovoc, il thesaurus multilingue dell'Unione europea / European Communities

Data di creazione02/01/2011
Data dell'ultima modifica18/11/2012
Tipo linguaggioControlled vocabulary
Parole chiave
AmbitoReproduced and adapted from the original language edition of the Eurovoc Thesaurus (Edition 4.3). Responsability for the reproduction and adaptation lies entirely with Diego Ferreyra
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    Termini non preferiti10205
    Hierarchical relationships7461
    Associative relationships9628
    Nota di ambito (SN)837
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    Global organization of the vocabulary

    Terms for each depth level

    Hierarchical relationships / Associative relationships

    More specific terms: hubs

    Clustering coefficient: 1.797
    More specific terms: logarithmic scale

    Termini associati: hubs

    Clustering coefficient: 0.295
    Termini associati: logarithmic scale

    Preferred terms / Termini non preferiti

    Termini non preferiti: hubs

    Clustering coefficient: 1.203
    Termini non preferiti: logarithmic scale