USGS Thesaurus

  1. La USE lanthanum
  2. La Nina USE ocean-atmosphere interaction
  3. laboratories (USGS) USE USGS laboratories
  4. laboratory methods
  5. laboratory reference materials USE materials standards
  6. laboratory-induced magnetization analysis
  7. lahars
  8. lake circulation USE water circulation
  9. lake ecosystems USE freshwater ecosystems
  10. land partitioning systems USE cadastral and legal land descriptions
  11. land subsidence
  12. land subsidence maps USE land subsidence
  13. land surface characteristics
  14. land surveying
  15. land use and land cover
  16. land use change
  17. land use maps USE maps and atlases
  18. Landsat images USE image collections
  19. landscape USE land surface characteristics
  20. landslide maps USE landslides
  21. landslide preparedness USE hazard preparedness
  22. landslide susceptibility assessment
  23. landslide susceptibility maps USE landslide susceptibility assessment
  24. landslides
  25. lanthanide series elements
  26. lanthanum
  27. lava USE volcanic rocks
  28. lava flows USE volcanic activity
  29. lawrencium
  30. laws and regulations
  31. leaching (analytical method) USE chemical analysis
  32. lead
  33. lead-210 dating USE radiometric dating
  34. legal land descriptions USE cadastral and legal land descriptions
  35. legal processes USE laws and regulations
  36. legislation USE laws and regulations
  37. lepidoptera USE butterflies and moths
  38. Li USE lithium
  39. libraries (USGS) USE USGS libraries and archives
  40. lichens
  41. LIDAR
  42. LIDAR images USE image collections
  43. life history USE population and community ecology
  44. life sciences
  45. life-long learning programs (USGS) USE USGS lifelong learning programs
  46. lifelong learning programs (USGS) USE USGS lifelong learning programs
  47. LIght Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) USE LIDAR
  48. light stable isotope analysis
  49. light stable-isotope analysis USE light stable isotope analysis
  50. lignite resources USE coal resources
  51. limnology
  52. lineaments USE lineation (geologic)
  53. lineation (geologic)
  54. liquefaction
  55. liquid chromatography
  56. lists of publications USE catalogs and indexes
  57. lithification USE geologic processes
  58. lithium
  59. lithologic maps USE maps and atlases
  60. lithology USE rocks and deposits
  61. lithosphere
  62. lithostratigraphy
  63. littoral ecosystems USE coastal ecosystems
  64. liverworts and hornworts
  65. livestock husbandry USE agriculture
  66. livestock water use USE agricultural water use
  67. location measurement USE geolocation measurement
  68. loess USE unconsolidated deposits
  69. long-term ecological monitoring
  70. lower carboniferous USE mississippian
  71. Lr USE lawrencium
  72. Lu USE lutetium
  73. luminescence dating
  74. lutetium